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Community & Review Guidelines accepts both positive & negative restaurant reviews, subject to the following basic guidelines.

The dos

The most useful restaurant reviews are personal & experiential with helpful suggestions – such as mentioning specific menu items to try (or to avoid), a certain table to request when ordering, etc. shows the age of reviews, but itís useful to mention specifically if you visited a restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The don'ts

1. Conflicts of interest
Reviews should be unbiased and objective. If you own a restaurant, you shouldn't sing your praises or bash your competitors. Similarly, if you work at a restaurant or have just left a restaurant on bad terms, you should leave the reviewing to real customers.

2. Multiple reviews
No matter how good (or bad) a restaurant is, it can be summed up with a single review. Thereís no need to leave a review from your perspective as well as the perspective of every other person on your table. If you visit a restaurant regularly, only add an additional review if your position has changed substantially since your first review.

3. Personal information & attacks
Describe people relevant to your review, but do not include personal information or attacks.

4. Second hand experiences or incomplete information
Only review a restaurant you have personally experienced. We want to hear about your personal experiences, not someone elseís. If you leave a restaurant in disgust before ordering or don't otherwise make it to the main course, itís unfair to review it. Only review whole experiences.

5. Factual errors or vagueness
Fake or exaggerated reviews will be removed. Keep in mind that such adding reviews can have legal consequences.

6. Food poisoning
We do not accept accusations of food poisoning or sickness. We do take such claims seriously, but are not the forum to make these judgments – forward any complaints of this nature directly to your relevant local authorities for investigation.

7. Offensive, commercial or irrelevant reviews
Reviews that are deemed offensive, commercial in nature or that do not specifically relate to the respective restaurant will be removed.

8. Foreign languages
Reviews that are not provided in English will be removed.

9. Spelling and grammar
Remember to proof read your reviews. Obvious spelling or grammatical errors may be edited on your behalf.

10. Duplicate reviews
Only post original reviews. Don't post the same review on multiple websites.

11. Specific complaints
If you have a specific complaint, we urge you to contact the respective restaurant directly. Restaurant managers will more often than not appreciate your feedback & offer a resolution.

This policy is renewed from time to time. If you have any suggestions, we welcome your feedback