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Bilson's Restaurant

27 O'Connell Street, Sydney

Telephone 02 8214 0496

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Serving Modern Australian & French.


Main Courses from Sample Menu


Pochouse of John Dory, Mussels, Clams and Hawkesbury Calamari


Steamed Whiting, Lactaire Mushroom, Matelot Dressing


Grilled Fillet of Murray Cod

With yabbies, sauce gribiche and watercress.


Translucid Lasagne

Of marron lobster and provençale vegetables.


Venison ‘Façon Michel Bras’

Slow roasted.


Roasted Partridge ‘en Salmis’


Grilled Breast, Confit and Stuffed Neck of Grimaud Duck


Poached Wagyu Beef

With root vegetables, horseradish cream.


Truffled Pig’s Trotter, Sauce Bordelaise

Grilled stuffed.