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East Ocean Restaurant

421-429 Sussex Street, Haymarket

Telephone 02 9212 4198

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Serving Asian.


Main Dish from Sample Menu


Kong-Pou' Style Hot & Sour King Prawn


Stir Fried Grain-Fed Diced Fillet in Wasabe Sauce


Cold Steamed Chicken


BBQ Duck and 'Chui Chow' Sytle Duck Collation


Deep fried Lamp Chop

With spicy herbs & dry garlic.


Braised Fresh Seacucumber

With dried shrimp roe.


Mixed Mushrooms & Vegetables

With oyster sauce.


Deep Fried Fresh Lotus

With minced prawn & capsicum.


Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables

With oyster sauce served on lotus leaf.


Sucking Pig and Assorted Meat Collation


Braised Mud Crab & Vermicelli

With chill & garlic in casserole.


Steamed Chinese Broccoli topped

With oyster sauce.