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MahJong Room

312 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Telephone 02 9361 3985

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Serving Chinese.


Starters from Sample Menu


Boiled Vegetarian Dumplings

With sum, black fungus, and pressed doufu (v).


Blue Swimmer Crab Gow Gee Poached Dumplings

Served In Light Broth.


Shallot Pancakes (v)


Tiger Prawn & Chicken Wontons Minced Prawn And Chicken Wrapped In Crispy Pastry


Beijing Sesame Pockets Baked Pockets

With roast duck, chicken and spicy preserved raddish.


Xiao Loong Bao Shanghai Style Steamed Pork Dumplings


Peking Duck

Served with pancakes.


Peking Duck

Served With Pancakes.


San Choi Bao

With vegetable or chicken served in lettuce leaves.


San Choi Bao Vegetable Or Chicken

Served In Lettuce Leaves.


Xiao Loong Bao

With shanghai style steamed pork dumplings.


Boiled Vegetarian Dumplings

With Choy Sum, Black Fungus, And Pressed Doufu (V).


Blue Swimmer Crab Gow Gee

With poached dumplings served in light broth.


Shallot Pancakes


Steamed Scallops

With glass noodle and mild chilli black bean paste.


Tiger Prawn & Chicken Wontons

with minced prawn and chicken wrapped in crispy pastry.