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412-414 George Street, Sydney

Telephone (02) 9231 6117

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Serving Italian.

Average of 2 reviews

  • 4.5 / 5 Food
  • 4.5 / 5 Ambience
  • 4.3 / 5 Service
  • 4.5 / 5 Value
  • 17.8 / 20 Overall

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Best User Experiences of 2 reviews.

  • Food: 5
  • Ambience: 4.5
  • Service: 5
  • Value: 4.5

Alana: 10 years, 5 months ago – Link & Share

A lovely venue with absolutely delightful food. The wine selection is great with lots of Italian wines and the service is attentive without being intrusive. The sommelier in particular was extremely helpful on the night we visited. The venue itself is quite loud, but this adds a bit of buzz to the ambience... just not ideal for an intimate meal or first date. Can't wait to go back!

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  • Food: 4
  • Ambience: 4.5
  • Service: 3.5
  • Value: 4.5

Ken Ku-Chih: 8 years, 11 months ago – Link & Share

Nestled away in the lovingly restored Victorian splendour of the Strand Arcade, it's a perfect setting for Pendolino's. It really feels like a few restaurants we've been to in London, complete with a table full of "City Banker" types in suspenders (braces [UK]) sitting in a (sort of) private dining area out front. The decor is great, a modern twist on an old world dining room; dimly lit, all wrought iron and exposed brickwork with crisp white tablecloths. Despite the kitchen being open the ornate ironwork used to divide up the room and subdued lighting succeeds in making quite a large space feel intimate. So, after wrestling with an interesting wine list it was on to the food. I love oysters but try as I might I couldn?t persuade my partner to have an entr?e so they went untried. The ones I saw coming out of the kitchen looked great though so a good reason to visit again! We went straight for mains, and as the pasta at Pendolino?s is so renowned my partner had the lasagne di zucca (sage leaf lasagne with pumpkin, ricotta, pistachio nuts and amaretti) and I had the special which was a tagliatelle with slow cooked beef in a tomato ragu, topped with air dried pancetta. I have to say, mine was awesome. Beautiful silky pasta and the beef was wonderfully tender. It was a very rich sauce though, so I would recommend maybe a small side of rocket & parmesan to cut through it. The disappointment though was the lasagne. My partner had actually ordered the cannoli, and the low light helped disguise the error until she was half way through it. This wasn?t the problem though, the dish itself just didn?t work in our opinion, we did not understand why the amerettis were used. The bitter sugary flavour overpowered many of the other flavours and gave the dish a confusing dessert like essence. It?s a shame because the dish could have been really good. The space that my wife had saved for dessert by skipping entr?e had all but disappeared so we ended up sharing a mixed cheese plate. Now, when it comes to cheese my eyes have always been bigger than my belly; if there?s not enough cheese on the plate to choke a donkey I feel hard done by. So when I first saw the cheese plate I was a little disappointed, a thin sliver of each of the four cheeses, especially as we were sharing. I shouldn?t have been so greedy though, the plate was more than ample for two. The stand-out for me was the delicious Ubriaco Recioto, a hard cow?s milk cheese matured with white wine, although my wife liked the creamy blue Bontazola Dolce Latte. So overall the dining experience was good, it?s a shame about the ameretti spoiled lasagne because it could have been great. We?ll definitely go back though and just avoid that dish, as there was so much on the menu we wanted to try. Attentive service and great atmosphere.

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