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Yasou Greek Taverna

59 Gerrale Street, Cronulla

Telephone 02 9527 7555

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Serving Greek.


Greek Yum Cha Menu: Meze Dishes from Sample Menu

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Haloumi Cheese

Pan fried sheep milk cheese, mild in flavour. A cypriot favourite.


BBQ Octopus

Char grilled and topped with olive oil and lemon juice.



Rice and beef mince parcels wrapped in vine leaves.



Sautéed spinach mixed with ricotta cheese wrapped in filo pastry and baked.



Three cheese mix parcels wrapped in filo pastry and baked.



Cypriot herbed pork croquettes, served char grilled.


Spit Roast Lamb

Tender slow roasted lamb basted with olive oil and lemon juice served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables.


BBQ Loukanika

Char grilled sausage served with pimentos and olives.


Saganaki Prawns

Fresh tomato and ouzo feta sauce.