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Golden Palace

Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Telephone (07) 3252 8872

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Serving Asian & Chinese.


Chef's Recommendation from Sample Menu


Famous Peking Duck

Carved at your table. Crispy skin duck served with home made crepe, spring onions, cucumber and plum sauce. Second course is san choi bow with duck meat.


Pan Fried Silver Perch

Fresh from tank. Main bone is removed from the fish, which is then butterflied. Pan fried with chef's secret recipe. Crispy outside with tender fillets. Fully flavoured.


Deluxe Seafood in Bird's Nest

Stir fried seafood combination with fresh greens. Served in a potato or noodle basket.


Tasty Jellyfish and Chicken Salad

Mixed jellyfish and chicken meat. Marinated with chilli and sesame oil. Served cold.


Singapore Mud Crab

Queensland meaty mud crab cooked in a thick sweet chilli sauce. Serve with bread toast or buns to finish off the tasty juice.


Steamed Super Jumbo Oysters in Three Sauces

Oysters equally steamed with black beans, chilli, ginger and shallots.