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297 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park

Telephone 08 8298 7522

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Serving Asian & Malaysian.

Average of 8 reviews

  • 3.4 / 5 Food
  • 3.1 / 5 Ambience
  • 3.2 / 5 Service
  • 3.1 / 5 Value
  • 12.8 / 20 Overall

Entrees from Sample Menu



Your choice of grilled beef or chicken pieces on skewers, served with peanut sauce.


Spring Rolls

Mixed vegetables rolled and deep fried in a light pastry.


Curry Puffs

Subtly spiced curry vegetables encased in a flaky pastry.



Savoury minced beef and vegetables filled in a triangular shaped pastry.


Har Gow

Delicate steamed prawn dumplings.


Prawn Dumplings

Deep fried dumplings filled with prawns and served with a mild sweet chilli sauce.


Sang Choy Bow

Crisp lettuce cups filled with savoury minced chicken, straw mushrooms and assorted vegetables.


Pandan Chicken

Marinated chicken fillet pieces wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves.


Char Siew Lamb

Tender, marinated lamb cutlets barbecued to perfection and served with a sweet soy dipping sauce.


Entree Platter

Our chef's selection of mixed entrees.