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Goodwood Park Hotel

75 Goodwood Road, Goodwood

Telephone 08 8272 9185

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Serving Modern Australian.

Average of 6 reviews

  • 1.8 / 5 Food
  • 3.2 / 5 Ambience
  • 2.8 / 5 Service
  • 2.4 / 5 Value
  • 10.2 / 20 Overall

Restaurant Review for Goodwood Park Hotel

  • Food: 5
  • Ambience: 5
  • Service: 5
  • Value: 5

C2011: 8 years, 5 months ago – Link & Share

Visited the Goody for lunch today, ordered the lunch special of "Crumbed Garfish". The meal was amazing, cooked perfectly with a side salad & chips. Great value at $12. Nice, tasty and light. Sat outside and enjoyed the atmosphere. Great wine list as well. Service with a smile and didn't wait long for our food. Will definately return soon

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More Restaurant Reviews for Goodwood Park Hotel

  • Food: 1
  • Ambience: 4.5
  • Service: 2
  • Value: 3

Honesty: 8 years, 1 month ago – Link & Share

I had dinner at 'The Goody' tonight, we were very unsatisfied. I had the roast of the day (pork) with vegetables. I have never had such tasteless & tough pork, with no crackling! The potatoes were not real, I am guessing they were processed mashed spud balls that were fried. The texture and taste was not pleasant. The broccoli also had a strange texture. The apple sauce and gravy were the only thing they got right! My partner had the eye fillet off the special's board. It was tasteless apart from the rich garlic sauce which has made my partner feel sick. It is unfortunate because we live very close and love to have dinner out 2 nights a week. WHopefully they get their act together one day and can manage to cook a good dish, other than a schnitzel!

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  • Food: 1
  • Ambience: 4
  • Service: 3.5
  • Value: 1.5

Paul: 9 years, 10 months ago – Link & Share

Really friendly pub, but the food continues to be awful...its a shame its my local pub but we keep trying every year and always disspointed, when you cant get a schnitty or a steak sandwich right.....why bother..

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  • Food: 2
  • Ambience: 2.5
  • Service: 3
  • Value: 2

Benjamin J: 9 years, 8 months ago – Link & Share

This has bee my local Pup near work for a while now. I've seen it go from a place the old boys would come down to on a Friday night. Sit the easern side of the front bar, drink their butchers and have a good yard. The food used to be quite good and the local acts that would play on a Friday night were great. NOW... the culture of the place has really changed. The outdoor area is great but do you really need to have blasting music at 6pm so you can't hear the person next to you. Very inconsistant meal sizes and I've never had a pint of pale with the same size head twice. Not hard people it pouring a beer.

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  • Food: 1
  • Ambience: 2
  • Service: 2
  • Value: 2

Alycia: 10 years, 10 months ago – Link & Share

Very average pub food, nothing spectacular about it. The new outdoor area is very nice for some after work drinks

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  • Food: 1
  • Ambience: 1
  • Service: 1
  • Value: 1

KristinC: 8 years, 10 months ago – Link & Share

Very disappointing dining experience. The thai fish cakes are one of the most expensive items on the menu but far too small for a main serve with 3 small fish cakes and a small amount of salsa. Not very flavourful, and the "noodles" that they are served with are not actually noodles but the dry stuff that is usually at the bottom of takeaway containers. Overall I was very disappointed.

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