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Thai Tiffany

83a Gouger Street, Adelaide

Telephone 08 8231 7790

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Serving Asian & Thai.

Average of 7 reviews

  • 2.4 / 5 Food
  • 2.6 / 5 Ambience
  • 2.9 / 5 Service
  • 2.7 / 5 Value
  • 10.6 / 20 Overall

Wok Tossed from Sample Menu

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Tofu / Vegetable












Thai Red Curry (Hot)

With seasonal vegetable & bamboo shoot.


Thai Green Curry

With seasonal vegetable & bamboo shoot.


Choo Chee (Mild)

Coconut curry sauce with sliced lime leaf.


Hot Chili

Spicy sauce with fresh chili, onion & mushroom.



Roast chili with soy bean oil & dry shrimp paste stir tried with fresh vegetable.


Phad Cha

An ancient recipe for a fragrant paste coupled with young peppercorn & Thai herbs, truly creates an unique dish.


Fresh Basil

Seasonal vegetable with basil, garlic & fresh chili.


Peanut & Coconut Sauce

Seasonal vegetable with homemade peanut sauce & coconut milk.


Cashew Nuts

Tossed with cashew nuts & seasonal vegetable.


Blackbean Sauce

Seasonal vegetable with pepper blackbean sauce.


B.B.Q. Sauce

With mushroom, onion & broccoli.