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The Corner Bistrot

7 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Telephone 08 8212 9444

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Serving European & French.

Average of 29 reviews

  • 3.2 / 5 Food
  • 3.2 / 5 Ambience
  • 2.9 / 5 Service
  • 2.7 / 5 Value
  • 12 / 20 Overall

Entree from Menu


Crêpes salées aux légumes de saison

Vegetarian fresh crepes (with dill and coriander) filled with zucchini, eggplant, leek, red capsicum, spring onion and parsley


Saumon Mariné

Thin slices of home cured and marinated Atlantic Salmon.


Escargots façon chef

Escargots (snails), pan-fried with walnut, bacon, parsley, garlic and butter, served on a bed of spinach.


Salade de Roquefort

Fresh garden salad with blue cheese, walnuts, sultanas, apple and croutons.


Rilettes de Canard

Confit of finely cut seasoned duck meat.


Vol-au-Vent aux Crevettes sauce saffron

Home made puff pastry with local King prawns cooked in cream and saffron.


Crêpes salées au poulet mariné

Savoury fresh herb crepes (with dill and coriander) filled with marinated chicken fillets, caramelized leek and fresh tomato.


Salade Chèvre chaud

Warm goat’s cheese served on a fresh salad of lettuce, pear, rocket, walnut and tomato.


Forestière Omelette

Mushrooms, tomato and cheese.


Paysane Omelette

Leek, bacon and cheese.