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Loose Box Restaurant

6825 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring

Telephone (08) 9295 1787

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Serving French.

Average of 3 reviews

  • 3.7 / 5 Food
  • 4.3 / 5 Ambience
  • 4 / 5 Service
  • 3.5 / 5 Value
  • 15.5 / 20 Overall

Sample Menu

Restaurant Menu from Sample Menu

$135 per person



Soup of the Day


La Socca aux Aubergines

Chickpea crepe, roasted eggplant, garlic, rosemarie and parmesan tuile.


La Gambas du Golfe D'Exmouth en pate de brick

Fresh Exmouth Tiger prawn, basil leaf, pate de brick, cured pineapple and passion fruit sauce.




La Salade d'Ecrevisses en jardinière

Chidlow yabby tails, served with a salsa of tomato, cucumber and zucchini. Dressed with a light curried emulsion.


Céviche de Grosses Crevettes "crémolata"

Tiger prawn flesh, cut paper thin, cured with lemon juice, brushed with walnut oil, framed with spiced egg and fresh herb crumble, topped with basil leaves and wild rocket


Carpaccio de Filet de Boeuf

Paper thin cured beef fillet, basil, parmesan, celeriac, apples, horseradish, sea salt,
black pepper and olive oil


Le fromage de Chêvre Frais

Fresh Goat cheese, served with slow cooked tomatoes, Bonbon black olives, herb salad and garlic croutons.


Les Beignets d'Escargots ratatouille du jardin

Snail fritters served golden on a warm ratatouille with a rosemarie infusion.


Pied de cochon Polonaise

Fully boned pigs trotter, wrapped in toasted breadcrumbs, roasted and served with the trotter juices.


Les Saint Jacques de "Shark Bay" au fenouil bulbeux

Shark Bay scallops cured and roasted, served on a bed of buttered fennel bulb with a coriander and thyme emulsion.




Le Tournedos Grillé au Raifort

New Norcia Grass and milk fed Fillet of beef grilled to your liking, served with a parsnip soufflé, fresh horseradish cream and roasted garlic


La côte de Chevreuil de Margaret River aux choux rouges

Margaret River venison, grilled (rare/medium rare) served on bed of red cabbage and beetroot from our garden with a juniper berry glaze and caramelised pear.


Le lapin de cabane aux prunes et Calvados

White farmed rabbit, "jamón de serrano", roasted with porcini, served with prunes marinated in calvados. Rabbit and calvados sauce


Fresh fish of the day


Colombo d’Agneau de Martinique

Oven roasted Narrogin spring lamb rack (served pink) set on sweet potato mash with ginger, chives and garlic. Finished with an aromatic Caribbean sauce, black beans, coconut and lime


Pigeon aux senteurs du Maroc

Plump pigeon from the Snowy Mountains. The breast is roasted (pink), the leg is confit. Served with a Moroccan flavoured sauce, garnished with baby turnip, chickpeas and raisins.


Joue de Boeuf en Daube

Loosebox speciality! Beef cheek, slow cooked with Shiraz and fresh herbs. Served with a rich red wine sauce, baby carrots and potato.




Les Crêpes Chocolatines

Homemade crepes filled with frangipani crème, rolled and baked, served with chocolate sauce and home made vanilla ice-cream.


Le Pouding aux Framboises macérés

Raspberry pudding 'clafoutis' layered with crème anglaise, raspberry and French meringue. Served with homemade vanilla ice cream.


Le Nougat Glazé

French traditional nougat, served frozen with a strawberry coulis and caramel strands


La Tarte au Citron de 'Denis Ruffel' in Paris

The perfect lemon tart from my friend Denis Ruffel. made with fresh lemons from our garden, 'Mirrored', served with a lemon sauce and a home made apple sorbet.


Cheese Platter

Gorgonzola DOP, Italy
Soft mild blue cheese with aromatic flavours, made with cows milk.

Swiss Gruyere AOC
Hard cheese with hazelnut flavours. Made from cows milk, with a smooth texture.

French Brie from Lorraine
Soft ripened cheese. Thin white top layer with subtle cream and nut flavours.




Coffee or Teas with home made petit fours